Fine Jewelry Valuations

A jewelry appraisal is an expert estimate of its value, being performed by high end jewelers and jewelry appraisers. Appraisals are sought for tax or insurance purposes, settling an estate, establishing a resale value, or for other personal motives. As experts in fine jewelry, diamonds, and colored gems, we at Alex Gulko Custom Jewelry offer a full range of onsite jewelry and gem appraisal services.

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Our mission is a strictly ethical, independent, fair, and professional appraisal.

Our appraisals are truly unbiased because we do not buy client jewelry, diamonds, or other precious gems. Appraisals include a complete evaluation of gems and materials, gold fineness (parts per thousand of gold in an alloy), and manufacturing methods, with appraisal fees starting at $50.00 USD per piece of jewelry. More complex jewelry may incur a higher appraisal fee, but we will inform you of this in advance. When you purchase jewelry from Alex Gulko Custom Jewelry, an appraisal is included at no charge. The appraisal process for any item of fine jewelry follows.

  1. Request an appointment by calling (734)741-0652 or by submitting an inquiry on our Contact page.
  2. We clean your jewelry to allow the best possible estimate of gem color and clarity under the constraints of grading them in their mountings.
  3. We do not remove gems from their settings before, during or after the appraisal process.
  4. If prongs or bevels are bent or worn, it is possible for gems to fall away. We carefully check for structural integrity, loose gems, sharp or worn prongs, weak clasps, distressed strings on bead and pearl necklaces and bracelets, and any other indications of wear or damage. We are obligated to point out any conditions indicating a repair is needed.
  5. Each piece of jewelry will be weighed, measured, and described in detail.
  6. Gems will be identified, graded, measured, and their weights calculated. A diamond ring appraisal, for example, will provide an estimated diamond weight in carats, an approximate diamond color and clarity range (e.g., G-H color, VSI1 clarity), and any other gem details.
  7. Metal content, karat, and weight will be determined.
  8. After your jewelry is weighed and measured, we will describe the item in detail in an appraisal document which will include enlarged color photos of the item.
Please feel free to contact us for all your jewelry appraisal needs.