Alex Gulko Custom Jewelry sources only the finest precious and semi-precious gems in the world, and ideal cut GIA certified diamonds. Our global network of gem merchants provides us with gems from the most coveted sources. For example, we purchase black opal directly from Australia, Ceylon sapphires from Sri Lanka, and the finest tourmalines and aquamarine from Brazil. We also specialize in obtaining unusually cut gems from world famous gem cutters like Tom Munsteiner, Lew Wackler, John Dyer, and Kreis family members.

Image of various gems
We will work with you for as long as it takes to find the perfect gem for your custom or existing jewelry. You can help us by describing your taste in color, shape, size, and sparkle, what budget you have in mind, and what makes you happiest about your jewelry.

We will also educate you about shapes which best display a gem's color and brilliance. With sapphires and rubies, for instance, we recommend a cushion, oval, or round cut. For tourmalines, we prefer cushion or emerald cut. Each gem is different and requires detailed examination of the cut. We ensure our gems have even color and brilliance, excellent polish and proportions, and bear no so called "window" effect. Often, satisfaction with your gem will be determined by its shape.

Part of our inventory is shown in our Gem Portfolio, but we have many more! If you do not see the gem you are looking for, we will find it for you and allow you to see it virtually or in person before deciding to buy it. Also see Gems we offer through our online store.

Come visit our Ann Arbor design studio or set up a virtual meeting and we will help you find the perfect gem at a price you will love. Please call (734) 741-0652 or send an inquiry to request a virtual or in-person meeting.

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