This is how the masterpieces are born.

For more beautiful, thoughtfully crafted, individualized jewelry, consider Alex Gulko Custom Jewelry for your next precious jewelry design. From concept to creation, it is especially gratifying to collaborate with Alex in designing a loved piece of fine custom jewelry.

Whether you have your own ideas or take inspiration from our Jewelry portfolio, we would love to work with you to create your next one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewelry. To start your personalized design experience, a free consultation is scheduled. For in-person meetings, our studio and store are in Ann Arbor Michigan. Virtual meetings on Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facetime allow us to connect remotely from the comfort of your home or office. Customers have reported great satisfaction with virtual meetings.

In the first design meeting, Alex will discern your style through an interviewing technique he developed over years of designing jewelry for hundreds of customers. The interview is crucial for generating concept drawings. From refined sketches, Alex produces computer renderings that look so realistic you want to try them on! Images are emailed, allowing for critique and exchange of opinions on metals and gem colors. The next phase is ordering materials.

Alex sources the perfect complement of gems for your gold or platinum setting. He then creates near final renders which are also shared with you via email. When a customer selects the perfect design, a wax model is made. This wax model is the mold for the precious metal casting. The metal casting is hand worked to deburr, surface finish, and set the gems. Individualize your finish with high polish, satin, brushed, hammered, or fine engraving. The design meetings and the hand crafting of your jewelry typically require two to three weeks with more complex pieces taking longer.

Alex is not a high-pressure salesperson. He loves what he does and draws his greatest joy from customer satisfaction. As always, whether you have helped design your piece or have purchased a piece from our collection, the aim is for customers to be confident and pleased with their decisions. Alex's goal is to create sustainable pieces that stand the test of time. Alex can design quality heirloom jewelry to be treasured for generations or he can design an elegant piece for your individualism and personal enjoyment.

If you are curious about our custom jewelry design process, or would like to set up a meeting, I invite you to call (734) 741-0652 or submit an inquiry from the contact page. I will look forward to meeting you, hearing your ideas and working with you to create beautiful design possibilities born of the imagination.

Estimate and Deposit
  1. When the final design, precious metal, and gems are chosen, a written price estimate of the completed project will be emailed to you. The quote will be in effect for two weeks only.
  2. When you approve the design and agree to the estimate, we ask for a 50% deposit to continue our production process. The full deposit is credited to your final cost.
  3. It can take 2-3 weeks from the initial meeting to have the finished product in hand; complex pieces taking longer. Due to the extensive labor and risks involved in custom jewelry design, no refunds can be made after the 50% deposit has been received.
Our commitment to you is excellence in workmanship and service.
Alex Gulko Custom Jewelry offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect.
Contact us with any questions.


Alex Gulko Custom Jewelry stands behind it's craftsmanship and materials with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. This warranty covers materials and/or workmanship defects only. The warranty does not cover neglect, abuse or accidental damage from normal wear and tear. Because our hands and wrists are in constant motion during the day, jewelry meets doorknobs, handrails, concrete, and other hard surfaces that can cause abrasion and damage. For these reasons, please allow us to clean and inspect your jewelry at least once a year. If your jewelry experiences trauma (e.g., dropped on a tile floor, slammed in a door, driven over by a car, believe me, we have seen it all), please allow us to inspect it. Regular inspections can help prevent gemstone loss and extend the life and the beauty of your jewelry.

Damage or loss that results from failure to obtain repairs necessary to maintain the integrity of your jewelry are not covered under the warranty. Maintenance, repair, resizing, or any other alteration by anyone other than Alex Gulko Custom Jewelry will void your warranty. Examples of jewelry issues not considered to be defective workmanship or materials include but are not limited to: Harsh chemical contact, such as with chlorine bleach, can irreparably damage gemstones and pearls and degrade precious metals. (Please prevent chemicals from contacting your jewelry. If this happens, please let us inspect it as soon as possible.) Lost or damaged gems due to unchecked bent, broken, or worn prongs or bevels are not covered. Our warranty does not cover abraded, loose, or lost gems caused by these issues. We extend the courtesy of notifying you if repairs are possible and at what cost for other issues not deemed to be due to defective workmanship or materials.