Onsite Fine Jewelry Repairs

Alex Gulko working

Alex Gulko is a highly skilled goldsmith and gem setter with decades of experience designing, handcrafting, repairing, and restoring fine jewelry. All repairs and restorations are performed onsite.

We are experts in the total restoration of fine jewelry integrity and beauty. Whether a ring prong was bent, the shank worn too thin, or you have noticed a loose or missing gem, we are pleased to inspect your jewelry and provide a free estimate of the cost of repair, restoration, or precious gem replacement.

Our expert craftsmanship will restore your confidence in wearing your fine jewelry once more, removing concerns of irreversible damage, loss of a precious gem or the jewelry item itself. If we cannot restore the piece to its original condition, we will promptly inform you.

Occasionally we do see fine jewelry that is damaged beyond repair. In these rare instances, we can reuse the metal and gems to design a beautiful new piece – with your input of course. This is especially fitting for preserving cherished memories of a family member or friend upon receiving a beloved piece of jewelry that may be worn beyond its years or not quite your style.

We advise all our customers to have their fine jewelry checked twice a year. If you think you may have damaged your jewelry in any way, please contact us as soon as possible. We will perform a complimentary inspection and cleaning of all jewelry purchased at Alex Gulko Custom Jewelry.

Free Estimate

To schedule a fine jewelry repair or total restoration, please call (734) 741-0652 or submit an inquiry requesting to visit our Ann Arbor design studio or schedule a virtual appointment. There is no fee for an estimate.