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Friday, May 25, 2012

As many others have already said here, Alex Gulko is nothing short of amazing. I had an idea of what I wanted and had met with other custom jewelers in the Ann Arbor area. No one could quite capture my vision after repeated visits. I walked into Alex's shop and described what I wanted, he asked a few questions, sat down, and sketched out the exact design that I wanted. From that point to the time that I received the ring I couldn't have been happier with the quality, responsiveness, professionalism, and detail that Alex provided. Of course the ultimate test was when I knelt down to ask my girlfriend to be my wife. My fiancé LOVES her ring. It fits her perfectly and is exactly what she always wanted. I highly recommend Alex Gulko, such craftsmanship and excellence usually come at a higher price. I cannot say enough about what he was able to provide for me.

George J.

Tuesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Alex,

As I write this your bracelet is on my wrist. Looking at it for the first time today left me breathless. It is truly an astonishing piece. I own nothing like it. Its beauty surpasses anything I own. I really had to hold back from hugging and kissing you like your client did last Christmas thrilled with her stunning ring. I look forward to seeing this beautiful piece on your web site. I am very excited about this and flattered. I would like to say I am very proud and happy to own an Alex Gulko original. I will cherish it for a life time.

From a Very Satisfied Customer,

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Dear Alex,

I received my ring on Tuesday afternoon, but wanted to wait until I had a few minutes to write to you.

First things first, Ken and I are both very pleased with the end result of my wishes and your artistry and craftsmanship. Additionally, I want you to know that we consider it a pleasure to have done business with you.

This is the first time we have invested in a custom piece of jewelry. On the 25th of this month, we will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary, on our twenty fifth, Ken gave me a beautiful three stone diamond ring to wear in place of my original engagement ring. For four years, we have looked in jewelry stores and magazines at possible designs for a right hand ring that would incorporate that engagement stone and a few others I had acquired.

When we met you at the Las Olas Art Fair in Fort Lauderdale, I didn't really know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn't want. You asked a few pointed questions and truly listened to my answers and immediately began showing me designs that were on track. You took the time, let us enter into the smaller details that were important to us.

A couple of sketches, a few tears over parting with the engagement ring I have treasured since I was 19, and we had a deal. You explained the process and gave us a timetable.

It is rare in this day that people actually do what they say, but you did. We had the pricture of the wax model of my ring prior to the day we expected them. You kept me informed during the creative process and patiently answered all questions. The ring was insured and shipped USPS registered mail.

When I opened the box — there it was — exactly the ring I had been looking for all four years!

Thanking you with respect,

Christy L.