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Finest 12.5ct Pakistanis peridot set in 14k white gold with Tsavorite garnets and diamonds.
Recent Design

Finest 12.5ct Pakistanis peridot set in 14k white gold with Tsavorite garnets and diamonds.

Inspired by a beautiful garden at a Caribbean island of Martinique this "Flower Princess" ring was created in 18k white and yellow gold. This gorgeous 4.3ct Tsavorite garnet cut by the famous gem cutter V. Yavorskyy is surrounded with white diamonds and small finest Tsavorite garnets.

Sapphires are among the most valuable precious gems. They come in all colors of the rainbow and the most valuable being blue, pink and orange.

There has been a recent trend for colored diamonds in engagement rings. Colored diamonds, such as pink diamonds can come at a very high cost. Colored sapphires are an excellent substitute. We have created many engagement rings using colored sapphires to better fit the clients budget. Sapphires are highly durable stones, they are rated 9 on the Mohs scale, compared to 10 rating of diamond, and 7-8 of other stones, making them ideal for everyday wear.

This 4ct hot pink sapphire was purchased at Tucson 2015 gem show and set in 18k gold with diamonds.

Finest Pakistani peridots set in 14k gold with diamonds.

This 25ct citrine, custom cut by famous Lew Wackler, was set in 14k yellow and white gold with a yellow sapphire and diamonds.

(Left) Blue Star Sapphire 8.2ct in platinum with diamonds. This rare quality blue sapphire is very clean and transparent with very pronounced single star which can be seen from the top view.

(Right) A 2ct diamond in hand engraved platinum with filigree, white and black diamonds.

(Left) Fine quality chrysoprase in hand engraved 14k yellow gold with diamonds. This apple-green chrysoprase is a gemstone variety of chalcedony which is an excellent substitute for fine precious jade, which such quality would cost about 200 times as much.

(Right) Finest quality natural corals set in hand engraved 14k yellow gold with diamonds...designed for my wife.

Ruby is the birthstone of July.
The name comes from the Latin word rubeus, which means red. Rubies have been celebrated in the bible and ancient Sanskrit writings as the most precious stone. Rubies in Sanskrit were called ratnaraj, which means "King of the precious gems." The most valuable rubies are sourced from Burma, but all high quality rubies have been depleted in this area. The brightest and most valuable red color is called "pigeon blood". This 3ct rare quality Burmese fine certified "pigeon blood" ruby was purchased at the Tucson 2013 Gem Show. The ring is designed in 18k white and yellow gold and set with rubies and diamonds.

A client came in with a precious imperial topaz that she has gotten reset twice, but was never satisfied with the results. She had always dreamed about having a hand crafted antique style ring, so we designed a unique Victorian style hand engraved ring to showcase her stone. The stone was not perfectly cut and had a window effect. We were able to mask this window effect through the use of the setting. She not only was able to get the antique ring she had always wanted, but was also able to finally enjoy her stones in a design she loved.

Inspired by the antique jewelry in the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras, this client wanted to design a set with blue sapphires. The final result was made in Edwardian style to compliment the eras the client preferred. This set of pendant and earrings was created with special extra white alloy 14k gold and matched with pristine quality blue Ceylon sapphires. White diamonds paired with hand engraved fine details make this set sparkle from a distance.'

A client who inherited rings from his loved and admired father wanted to incorporate both the metal and style of the rings to create a revived wedding band. Two tone metal, diamonds and hand engraving add dimension to this ring and make it feel more alive.

Black Tahitian pearls in this 14.5mm size are scarcely found in such impeccable quality. With gems of this quality it was important to create a design that showcased them well. This pendant and ring was made from 18k white gold, coupled with black and white diamonds. A unique texture was applied to match the look of silk fabric. Set available for sale.

Spinel was called the daughter of ruby. Beautiful gems like this one, were identified as rubies until the late 1700’s when they were recognized to be a separate gem - spinel. “Famous rubies”, like the 170 ct. Black Prince Ruby that dominates the British Imperial Crown was discovered to be a magnificent spinel! Recently spinel has found an enthusiastic following due to their unique electric vibrant color, clarity and durability. This beautiful 5.5 ct. red spinel was purchased at the Tuscon Gem Show for a client who only selects rare gems. Set in 18k yellow gold and platinum with ruby and diamond accents.

A client wanted to design a pair of earrings to represent a flower that had a special meaning for him – the Mai Vang. This spectacular yellow flower is very popular in southern Vietnam, where it is purchased during Têt, the Vietnamese New Year. Several different techniques, including hand engraving and hand texturing were used to bring this delicately petaled blossom to life in platinum and diamonds.

To celebrate their anniversary, clients wanted to replace their original engagement ring using their original 0.50 ct marquise diamond. Our goal was to create a dramatic and substantial looking contemporary ring. Their concern was that the original diamond not be overpowered by a bolder setting. The solution was to create a design using pave-set round diamonds under the marquise to achieve the illusion of a larger diamond and balancing out the ring.

Our annual trip to the International Gem Show in Tucson offered a client a great buying opportunity on this rare 5.1ct Paraiba tourmaline. It is a gem of unique color and exceptional quality purchased for a price that would be hard to find anywhere else. Designed with the goal of appealing to the client’s tastes and highlighting the beauty of the stone the ring was created in platinum with round diamonds and large fancy-cut shield diamonds on each side of the tourmaline.

“The Paraiba is truly a masterpiece. I love it. The color, the design, the way the ring reflects light. It is all, truly, almost indescribable. I have had so many comments on the beauty of the ring, the uniqueness of the stone color and the design of the ring. I don’t know if this ring can ever be topped. Thank you, thank you, Alex, for finding the stone and designing the beautiful setting”.
– Mary

A customer had two bracelets that were now outdated and left at the back of her jewelry box. She wanted a single statement piece using her gold and diamonds that could be worn comfortably every day. The computer rendered design was so realistic she couldn’t wait to put the bangle on. Notice how the diamonds appear to be graduated sizes - they are actually all the same size - even the solitaire! A special technique was used in setting the single diamond to make it appear larger. This technique was developed through years of experience and applying a background in physics and engineering.

This customer wanted to design a special piece of jewelry to celebrate his commitment and give to his girlfriend. He had decided the piece should be a pendant and brought in one of her favorite to give some direction to the design. It seemed she liked antique jewelry and sapphires. The white gold pendant was designed in a heart shape, completely hand engraved and set with a beautiful Ceylon sapphire accented with diamonds.

A client wished to present his fiancée with a ring that incorporated sapphires from a family heirloom yet represented something uniquely theirs. They had spent the past several years in France and enjoyed the French Impressionists. “Starry Night” by Van Gogh was their favorite. The ring was designed inspired by this painting and using elements of the Art Nouveau style which was a parallel movement to Impressionism.

My client’s goal was to create a pendant with the feeling of an heirloom piece using a delicate porcelain she purchased on a recent trip to France. It was important to design a frame that would match the 19th century style of the painting. Using the rich hue of 18k gold and the old world touch of elaborate hand-engraving set with diamonds achieved a classic design.